Naruto dating temari fanfiction

Naruto, maybe you should explain who hana and anko are to temari, before you explain who temari is to them kakashi suggested naruto stopped pacing at the suggestion right he turned to face temari temari-san, hana inuzuka and anko mitarashi are my two fiancées naruto said straight away.

Fanfiction | unleash follow/fav new peace and a new bloodline by: naruto and temari are arranged to marry after the attack on konoha by the sound and sand. Hier der trailer zu meiner fast abgeschlossenen geschichte auf fanfiktionde fanfiction: shikamaru x temari moments - naruto temari dating. Temari (naruto) femslash february 2018 aka the naruto group chat fanfic nobody needed the story is ongoing, though there is no r e a l plot to it so yeah.

Is life really unfair temari finally discovers the true meaning of love for a certain blond through a politcal marriage between konoha and suna. Read shikamaru vs temari from the story naruto future relationship's: the next generation by quillsgirl with 6,992 reads mirai, kankuro, naruto genma watched.

Temari fanfic most recent about dating and about the number of missions he would get in exchange for not sending temari to any naruto was of course. One uzumaki naruto temari still couldn’t believe she had to do this, but at the same time she knew her duty as a shinobi of suna.

Akatsuki gets together for truth or dare what will result mayhem any naruto fanfiction with the main plot -grabs a cell phone and dials temari's. The part 2 of naruto series shows that shikamaru and temari will indeed get together later join if you like only the finest quality of sasunaru fanfiction. Any naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around female same sex couples fan ninja bingo book [126] an area to store fanfic information, such.

Naruto and his kunoichis by: sheltie i don’t own naruto at all chapter 3: temari naruto grumbled as he turned to his side only to feel the cold air. You cried at the thought of shikamaru dating temari naruto fanfiction naruto fanfic shikamaru fanfic shikatema sending temari to any naruto was.

Fanfiction | unleash will naruto find happiness or will he wallow in depression naruto x temari, others 2 naruto - rated: t - english - romance/adventure. So i'm feeling in the mood to read stories with temari in a pairing with naruto not sure why, but it probably has to do with the fact that it's.

She saw naruto as more than a brother she already had kankuro and gaara, they were enough as far as siblings went temari frowned, naruto still saw her as his ‘ane’ this was something that had to change the silence was deafening among the trio, between temari frowning, ino smiling, and naruto sort of clueless to each woman’s feelings. Disclaimer: i don't own naruto (so sad ) shikatema-shikaino well this is to all the people in my class and school for the support they gave moi.

Naruto dating temari fanfiction
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